National Shoring v. Defendant

A Connecticut contractor was hired to perform a million dollar plus excavation contract to aid in the installation of a fiber optics network under the streets of downtown Boston. In order to perform the work, the contractor was required to rent the sheeting and shoring materials from a named supplier. The contractor leased expensive heavy equipment and mobilized to perform the work, but there were repeated delays, and eventually the project was cancelled. The sheeting and shoring supplier sued the contractor in Suffolk Superior Court, seeking close to one half million dollars in rental charges for the sheeting and shoring. The contractor hired Keith L. Miller to defend the claim and to bring counterclaims for losses incurred. In discovery, it became evident that the salesman for the sheeting and shoring supplier had demanded and received improper payments from the contractor in exchange for obtaining the work. The case settled on the day of trial, resulting in cancellation of the rental charges and a six figure payment to the contractor.