Billerica, Massachusetts: Teen Dies after Being Struck by MBTA Commuter Rail


February 26, 2014: An unidentified 17 year old boy has died as the result of being struck by a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (“MBTA”) commuter rail train on Monday. The teenager was walking on the tracks north of Pond Street in Billerica at approximately 9:45 a.m., when the accident occurred. Police are unsure why he was on the tracks.

The train was headed to Lowell from Boston and was carrying about 26 passengers on board. None of the passengers were injured in the crash. It has been reported that several train related incidents have occurred in the area over the past few weeks. Train related deaths have also increased across the MBTA system over the past year, according to reports.

The MBTA Transit Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office are currently investigating the accident.


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