Falmouth, Massachusetts Pedestrian Hit by Police Cruiser


June 26, 2009: James Eldredge, 24, was hit by a Falmouth police cruiser as he was walking down Sandwich Road at 10:55 PM on Wednesday. Officer Thomas McGuire’s cruiser collided with the back end of a cruiser driven by Michael Simoneau. The crash caused Simoneau’s vehicle to drive off of the road and hit Eldredge.

The police officers were responding to a domestic disturbance, while Eldredge allegedly was walking by the road to the buy a pack of cigarettes. Falmouth Police told Eldrege’s brother that the first cruiser may have slammed on his brakes when he spotted James Eldredge walking on the side of the road. Police apparently believed that he might have been involved in the domestic disturbance. However, Eldredge had no involvement in the crime.

Eldredge sustained serious personal injuries and is in a medically induced coma.  James Eldredge is the father of two young daughters, both under the age of two.

Source: Cape Cod Times


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