Quincy, Massachusetts Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck by Car


November 17, 2010 – Norman Holler, 66, from Quincy, Massachusetts has died as a result of serious personal injuries sustained when he was struck by a car while trying to cross a street. The accident occurred along the Southern Artery in Quincy on Saturday. According to police, a car in the first lane stopped to let Holler cross, but he dropped his water bottle in the process. Holler then bent down to pick up the bottle and continued crossing the street. As he entered the second lane, the oncoming car did not see Holler and struck him with the vehicle.

Holler was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was treated for severe head trauma. Holler unfortunately passed away at around 6:45 p.m. on Monday.

At this point the driver has not been charged in the crash. The accident remains under investigation by the Quincy Police Department.

Source: Boston.com


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