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Construction Claims. Boston, Massachusetts Attorney Keith L. Miller has been representing contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and material suppliers in construction related disputes and claims for over twenty years. He has litigated disputes on both public and private construction projects in state and federal courts, and also before the American Arbitration Association. He has filed and enforced mechanic’s liens, bid protests and has successfully prosecuted and defended numerous performance and payment bond claims. He has also represented contractors in administrative proceedings before government agencies, including states’ attorney general, local building departments, and federal agencies such as OSHA and the U.S. Department of Labor.


Contractor obtains jury verdict and collects 1.5 million dollars from City of Boston
for unforeseen asbestos removal work on Brighton High School

S&S Contracting Co., Inc. v. City of Boston:


A minority owned Boston contractor entered into a $1 million contract to remove asbestos from the Brighton High School in Boston, Massachusetts. After work commenced, significant amounts of additional asbestos were discovered and the contractor was ordered to remove the additional materials, which doubled the work. The contractor submitted change requests, but the City failed to timely process and pay for the extra work, which forced the contractor to file bankruptcy and eventually put it out of business. Keith L. Miller brought an action in Suffolk Superior Court. The case was tried to a jury who returned a verdict in favor of the contractor for 1.5 million dollars with interest. The City appealed. Mr. Miller handled the appeal, which affirmed the lower court judgment. The City paid the full amount of the judgment.

Construction Accident Claims. The Law Offices of Keith L. Miller has also represented construction workers who are injured on the job, both Workman’s Compensation claims against the employer, and claims against other third parties who may be responsible for the damages suffered. Such claims can be made against the owner of a jobsite or other contractors who have duties to maintain a safe worksite. They can also be made against manufacturer’s of products used on construction sites, which are defective and unreasonably dangerous. Each accident has its own set of facts, and it is extremely important to retain an attorney promptly after an accident, so that critical evidence can be discovered or preserved.

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